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Oprettet:10. juni 2024

Ansøgningsfrist:1. august 2024

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Frederik Bagger




Blegdamsvej 9

2100 København Ø


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    Bioinformatics researcher for exploration of the “dark genome” for the treatment of cancers at Department of Genomic Medicine, Rigshospitalet

    Human endogenous retrovirus K comprises nearly 8% of the human genome, and it is largely uncharacterised. Expression of HERV-K is associated with cancer and autoimmune diseases, and understanding this part of the genome bears a great therapeutical potential.

    We are seeking a bioinformatics researcher to join our bioinformatics team to contribute to a project aimed at defining cell stress states associated with HERV-K expression and sensitivity to HERV-K variations that triggers immunogenic cell death. This research is a part of a larger project that explores the potential of HERV-K as target for immunotherapy, and involves partners from industry, University of Copenhagen and Department of Oncology.

    The position is time-limited to 12 months, with possibility of extension. The work will be conducted at Department of Genomic Medicine at Rigshospitalet, under supervision of head of bioinformatics Frederik Otzen Bagger, in direct collaboration with the Fase 1 Unit at Department of Oncology, and the Danish Biotech startup Hervolution, working on cancer immune therapy.


    - Master degree, or equivalent, experience in Bioinformatics. A PhD degree is a considered a plus.

    - Strong background in bioinformatics, with prior experience in RNA sequencing data and differential expression analysis.

    - Proficiency in bioinformatics tools and programming languages such as R, Python, and relevant RNA-seq analysis pipelines.

    - Experience with handling large datasets and data harmonization.

    - Expertise in genomic analysis and variant calling is a plus.

    Application Process:

    Interested candidates should submit the following:

    - A cover letter detailing their research experience and how it aligns with needed qualifications for the project

    - A curriculum vitae (CV) and full publication list (if applicable)

    - Contact information for at least three professional references

    We look forward to receiving your application and exploring the possibility of working together to advance our understanding of HERV-K's role in cell stress and immunogenic cell death, paving the way for innovative immunotherapeutic strategies, and better understanding of the human genome.

    Deadline: August 1st, 2024

    Duration of employment: One year with a possibility of extenstion

    Contact Information:

    For inquiries and submission of applications, please contact head of the Bioinformatics team,

    Frederik Otzen Bagger:


    Phone number: +45 28550628

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